According to foreign media reports, Chile’s Minister of Energy–Juan Carlos Jobet and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications–Gloria Hutt announced on October 15 Chile’s national electric mobility strategy, which plans to achieve a 100% market share of sales of zero-emission light and medium-sized vehicles, public transport and large machinery by 2035.

Jobet said the electric mobility strategy will help Chile align with international standards and learn from good experiences and practices to make Chile a clean energy country. Hutt said electric mobility is key to building sustainable cities, and the Chilean capital will significantly increase the number of electric buses, and some areas outside the capital will also procure electric buses through tenders.

According to this strategy, the market share of sales of zero-emission small mobile machinery, including construction machinery, will reach 100% by 2040, and the market share of sales of zero-emission trucks will reach 100% by 2045.